For You

By your side, for your side.
Having to go to Court to recover for your injuries can be a daunting proposition. But, there are few things more important than protecting yourself when you have been wrongfully injured. We understand that it is an intimidating process and it is easy to rationalize that doing so would be too disruptive to your life. We know just how important it is to take the fear out of doing what is right for you. We handle all the difficult details and we remove the fear from the process for you. That is why you hire us. We listen, we clearly explain your options, we always look out for your best interests and, when that time comes, we fight…for you.

We get results.
Unlike other firms, we are not immediately looking to settle your claim after the first offer. What we are seeking is something that fairly compensates you for your damages. We are not afraid to go to Court. In fact, we enjoy it because we are always prepared. We do our homework. When we go to Court, you can bet that we are more prepared than the other side. That does not mean that we do not settle cases, as we often do. We will always do whatever is in your best interest and it is important that the other side knows that we are not only willing to go to Court, but we have done so successfully many times in the past. That is how you get fair settlement offers. Due to our successful track record, insurance companies and opposing attorneys take us very seriously. That’s how we get results…for you.

Referral sources turn to us.
A majority of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys. Why? Because attorneys trust us to represent their most important clients and they want to ensure that their clients are well represented in medical malpractice and personal injury matters. From experience, they know that we know the law and will go the “extra mile” to protect our clients’ legal rights and maximize their recovery. We take tremendous pride in the fact that other attorneys trust us to represent the people they routinely refer to us. That trust is a reflection of everything we do for our clients and a testament that we will do whatever it takes to deliver a fair result…for you.



  • “No one wants to have to look for a personal injury attorney. If you find yourself in that position, life is probably very difficult right now. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident with the firm you choose, and I certainly felt both while working with Tim and Phil during the most difficult time in my life. My injuries were severe, I was afraid for my future and I had many questions.  Tim and Phil were there to take my calls, answer my questions, and ease my mind while they coached me through an almost three year case because they refused to take a quick settlement. In the end, their hard work and dedication brought me justice, and I was compensated a great deal of money that brings peace of mind to me and my family as we move forward with our lives. I am so very grateful to Tim and Phil.”

    Alicia P.
    Rochester, NY